Frequently Asked Questions

When will the movie be released?

The movie is NOW AVAILABLE! You can rent it from this website or buy/rent it from Amazon.com. We’re hoping to add more outlets soon.

Is this a movie or a TV show?

Mount Hideaway Mysteries: Exes and Oh No’s is a feature length (1 hr 40 min) Movie.

What do you mean by "Family Friendly"?

This is an entertaining movie that does not contain profanity, nudity, graphic violence or sexual situations. The tone is similar to that of “made for TV” movies that you might see on the Hallmark Channel.

Our goal is to have a movie with action, romance and dramatic plot twists that will appeal to an audience from teens through adults. It’s a murder mystery, but there’s no gore or graphic violence.

Will there be a sequel?


This movie was self-financed by the producers, without the funding of a big Hollywood studio. If enough people (200,000+) purchase the movie via DVD or streaming, we will be able to afford to produce more movies in the series.

Where can we see the show?

The show will initially be released on the following platforms:

  • Amazon Video
  • DVD sales on this website
  • DVD sales at locations in the Shenandoah Valley

We will add other platforms (like iTunes, Hulu, etc.) once the show is released. Join our email list to stay up to date on new platforms as we add them!

What kind of movie is this?

Mount Hideaway Mysteries: Exes and Oh No’s is a family-friendly murder mystery in the style of “made for TV” mystery movies. It’s similar to the movies you see on the Hallmark Mysteries and Movies channel.

What makes this movie special?

That’s a great question!

Mount Hideaway Mysteries: Exes and Oh No’s is special for several reasons:

  • It’s clean and family-friendly, without profanity, nudity, graphic violence or sexual situations.
  • It was filmed in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley with a local cast and crew.
  • It features several scenic and historic locations from the Valley area, including Abram’s Delight, Wayside Inn, and others.

How is this movie related to Homeschooling?

Our producer and several of the cast members come from a homeschooling background. We have incorporated homeschooling into the plot of the show in a way that shows respect for this educational choice in a way that’s uncommon in mainstream media.

There's another show on Amazon called "Mount Hideaway". Is that the same thing?

We filmed a “proof of concept” PILOT EPISODE a couple of years ago and posted it on Amazon for one year. It got over 100,000 views and we got a wide range of feedback.

Then, as with all pilot episodes, we re-worked the concept and casting to create a movie that would hopefully be stronger and more popular.  We can’t take the old version down from Amazon because some people have purchased it. But it’s not the same show and plot at our current movie series.