– Are you fed up with movies that claim to be “family-friendly” but contain scenes and language that make you cringe anyway?

– Are you annoyed by movies that portray parents as incompetent, and homeschoolers as weird?

– Are you tired of flipping through endless playlists, trying to find a fun movie you can safely watch with the young adults in your family?

At last… your search is over

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Anne from My Learning Table writes…

My family loves Mount Hideaway Mysteries!

The film incorporates gorgeous scenery with likable characters into an intriguing mystery that keeps you guessing. It was a pleasant change-of-pace to see homeschoolers depicted in a respectful way… The storyline is intelligent, featuring spy elements that keep you guessing, and includes strong and empowering female characters.

Kay from Heart to Heart Homeschooling writes…

Mount Hideaway Mysteries: Exes and Oh No’s is an indie mystery and romance movie—without all of the bad language, graphic violence, and scenes that have you dashing for the fast forward button…. Perfect for your middle schoolers and older kids.

Your family can have fun as they try to figure out the mystery, looking for clues along the way…

There are lots of ways you can watch the movie Mount Hideaway Mysteries: Exes and Oh No’s“.

  1.  Watch with Vimeo On Demand (cheapest and most flexible option, also includes bonus features)
  2. Watch on Amazon Instant Video
  3. Buy the DVD from Amazon (includes bonus features)
  4. Buy or rent from our friends at Good Christian Movies
  5. Buy directly from AppleTV (You can also watch it on AppleTV if you buy it through Vimeo)
  6. Buy directly from Google Play Movies  (Yeah, you can also watch it on Android devices or Chromecast if you buy it through Vimeo)

Need another outstanding reason to enjoy this awesome movie?

You’ll be supporting a team of homeschoolers in their cottage industry!  

By buying or renting Mount Hideaway Mysteries: Exes and Oh-No’s, you are playing a vital role in our locally owned, home-based business. 

We are a small group of local independent filmmakers who created this movie in our own hometown…completely removed from the Hollywood system.

The more support we get, the more family-friendly and homeschool-friendly movies we can provide for you and your family!

Sophie from My Cup Runs Over writes…

Hands down our favorite characteristic of the film was its positive portrayal of homeschoolers. Homeschooling is deliberately woven into the plot in a way that will delight homeschooled children…

 Mount Hideaway Mysteries is distinctively unHollywood, and we loved that about it. It was refreshing to see women in a film with regular hair, clothes, and makeup…

Tiffany from Homeschool Hideout writes…

We recently watched a movie called Mount Hideaway Mysteries: Exes and Oh No’s and we fell in love…
I was stoked to see the leading lady was not only kind and compassionate but also smart and quick thinking. She was the perfect role-model for my girls!

Finally, you can sit down with your whole family and watch fun, exciting, mystery/romance movie that’s…

>>> Clean and family friendly

>>> Confronts homeschool myths and stereotypes

>>> Has strong female characters

>>> Incorporates Christian Faith in the plot without being “preachy”

Leah from As We Walk Along the Road writes…

The movie has action, adventure, and some romance, but is designed to be clean, so that the family can watch together…

Mount Hideaway Mysteries Exes and Oh No’s has a plot that will actually encourage watchers to think about the mystery and figure out what’s going on.

Heather from “Life of A Homeschool Mom” writes…

My family and I recently had the AMAZING opportunity to watch the brand new movie, Mount Hideaway: Exes and Oh No’s.

We all LOVED it.  It made the perfect family movie night…   

In addition to the streaming the movie, you can purchase the DVD with Special Bonus Features available on Amazon in most countries (NTSC format).  The DVD includes the feature film (of course) plus the following additional video features …

    • The Movie Trailer
    • Special Effects Breakdown and Explanation
    • Cast and Crew Reactions to Seeing the Movie for the First Time
    •  The mini-documentary, “A Homeschool Dad’s Perspective on Movie-Making”
    • A Behind the Scenes Musical Montage set to the original bluegrass tune “Mount Hideaway Blues”

Just click the link inside the video player or CLICK HERE to get the movie from Vimeo On Demand

Then watch it on almost any device or phone, iPhone, Android, PC, AppleTV, Roku, Chromecast and more!

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