Richard’s Fruit Market – Middletown, VA

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Richard’s Fruit Market
Middletown, VA

The Richard family are long-time friends of our show’s director and graciously allowed us to use their family business as one of our sets.

Kayla (Richard) Lawrence, one of the owners, also plays one of the “bad guys” in our pilot episode.  Her dad, Eddie Richard, built an entire set for us out of apple crates, which we used in the shootout scene at the end of the pilot.  And Cameron Richard’s security company, Frederick County Security, provided parking and security assistance on set.

Richard’s Fruit Market is the oldest “country classic” open air farmers market conveniently located on the Richard’s fifth generation family farm (est. 1878) in Frederick County, Virginia.

They offer everything you need to enjoy a complete meal at home including beef, fruit, vegetables, fresh baked desserts, wine and even pick-your-own flowers for your table – Fresh from their farm!

“Their peach pies are to DIE for!”
– Brett Monk, director, Mount Hideaway