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Jethro the Goldendoodle

Jethro the Goldendoodle plays “Ned the Dog” in Mount Hideaway Mysteries. Jethro lives in Virginia with his family, the Monk’s.

Levi the Bearded Dragon

Levi the Bearded Dragon is one of the animal stars of “Mount Hideaway Mysteries: Exes and Oh No’s” now available on Amazon Video.

Cheryl Bolt as The Helpful Store Clerk

Cheryl Bolt plays The Helpful Store Clerk in Mount Hideaway Mysteries. Cheryl Bolt is grateful for the opportunity to act both on stage and on film. She has been in many community theatre productions since deciding to pursue the hobby in 2013. Favorite roles include M'Lynn Eatonton in Steel Magnolias, Vi Moore in Footloose , Jack’s Mother in Into the Woods,  Alice in TheRead More »Cheryl Bolt as The Helpful Store Clerk