Mount Hideaway Mysteries: Exes and Oh No’s was officially launched on December 7th, 2018 at a private gathering of the cast, crew and sponsors and their families. About 100 people attended and with the exceptions of the producers and the composer, nobody had yet seen the full movie. There was lots of laughter and encouragement and at the end the whole room stood up and cheered.

The whole team of local Virginia actors and filmmakers is so proud to have created a work that has a great story and beautiful scenery and plenty of humor and plot twists… BUT does not have any profanity, gory violence, or steamy “adult” scenes. We feel like we have hit the zone of creating an entertainment product that has both production values and family values.

The movie is now available in the following venues:

We hope to add more venues such as iTunes, Google Play, Hulu and others in 2019

Mount Hideaway Cast Reactions from Brett Monk on Vimeo.