Mount Hideaway Team Members Speaking at Online Homeschool Conference

Team members Brett Monk and Stacey Bradshaw will be workshop speakers at the online homeschooling conference “Keep Calm and Homeschool On” presented by the Indiana Association of Home Educators (IAHE).

We’re also presenting at the conference of the Michigan Christian Homeschool Network ( MICHN ).

Brett and Stacey’s presentation is entitled, “Home is the New Hollywood – Exciting Opportunities for Homeschooled Actors and Filmmakers”.  In their video presentation they discuss new options for independent filmmakers to create and distribute their movies for profit. They also go into detail as to why they believe that homeschool families are especially well positioned to take advantage of the shift in media production away from the Hollywood Studios and toward smaller, more nimble producers.

Because of concerns about the spread of the COVID-19 virus, a number of homeschool associations opted to hold their annual conferences as online events, rather than to have thousands of people gather in the same place for a traditional convention format.

The Indiana Association of Home Educators  will feature over 50 speakers and 100 workshops. Workshop sessions will be prerecorded and can be watched from the comfort of your home whenever you want. Unlike an on-site convention where you have to pick and choose your sessions, you’ll have access to EVERY SINGLE workshop for an entire year.

We’re really excited to be included along with some of our dear friends and colleagues in the homeschooling community.  Click here for more information about the conference.