Mount Hideaway Sequel Coming Soon

If you’ve seen Mount Hideaway Mysteries: Exes and Oh No’s you can tell it was meant to be an ongoing story. Unfortunately, as often happens in filmmaking, the producers ran into a number of challenges that made it difficult to move forward with the project. In March of 2020, Brett Monk and Stacey Bradshaw met at a mysterious-looking inn in Central Virginia to brainstorm some options for continuing this saga that thousands of people have enjoyed over the past couple of years. That meeting resulted in a new vision for the future of Mount Hideaway Mysteries that we’re REALLY excited about!

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We’ve written a POWERFUL screenplay and production is now underway for the sequel movie, “Mount Hideaway Mysteries: Heartache and Homecoming”.  In addition to the sequel movie we have other very exciting offerings that we’re sure the Mount Hideaway fans are going absolutely love. But we’re not going into those details just yet…

What we can say at this point is, you’re really going to want to stay tuned.  There will be several exciting announcements, events, and giveaways coming over the next several months.  We’ll be posting them to the Mount Hideaway FaceBook Page, but if you want to get the early scoop, please SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER.

And of course, if you’ve never seen the first movie, Mount Hideaway Mysteries: Exes and Oh No’s just CLICK HERE to  watch it on Amazon. When you buy or rent the movie on Amazon you’re supporting a family-owned small filmmaking business, and we’re using that money to make more movies and other EXCITING WHOLESOME MEDIA for your family.