“Mount Hideaway Mysteries: Exes and Oh No’s”
is a family-friendly mystery/romance movie. 
The movie was filmed in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley with actors and crew from the local area.

“A beautiful young spy moves back home and solves mysteries with the help of her homeschooled childhood friends”

Mystery Movie Confronts Homeschool Stereotypes

Mount Hideaway International Re-Release

Young Adult Mystery Movie Made By Homeschoolers

Now Available on iTunes-AppleTV and Amazon Video

Mount Hideaway Mysteries: Exes and Oh No’s was officially launched on December 7th, 2018 at a private gathering of the cast, crew and sponsors and their families. About 100 people attended and with the exceptions of the producers and the composer, nobody had yet seen the full movie. There was lots of laughter and encouragement… Read More »Now Available on iTunes-AppleTV and Amazon Video

Virginia Homeschool Convention

Since the producer and star of “Mount Hideaway Mysteries” is a proud homeschool graduate, we decided to incorporate homeschooling into the plot of the show. Several of the other actors and crew in our Virginia-based movie also come from a homeschool background. As far as we can tell, we’re one of very few movies or… Read More »Virginia Homeschool Convention

Mount Hideaway Featured in Alexandria Living Magazine

Alexandria Living Magazine visited us on one of our recent location shoots in Old Town Alexandria, VA. Their article does a great job of capturing the spirit of what we’re trying to accomplish with this show. Several members of the Old Town Boutique District were involved in shooting the first episode, including 529 Kids Consign, which was our… Read More »Mount Hideaway Featured in Alexandria Living Magazine

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