Mount Hideaway Mysteries, THE MOVIE Coming in Fall 2018

Mount Hideaway Mysteries is a family-friendly mystery series airing on Amazon Prime and other Video-On-Demand platforms. The show is filmed in Northern Virginia and Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley with an all-local cast and crew. 

The pilot episode was released under the title “Mount Hideaway”. After airing for over one year and and tens of thousands of views, the concept was re-worked and will now be airing as “Mount Hideaway Mysteries”.

When we first developed the show, we decided to write all the one-hour episodes in PAIRS, so we would have the option of releasing them together as a feature-length movie rather than as a series of one-hour TV episodes.  As we’re nearing the “home stretch” of principal photography, and the more we’ve looked into the various distribution options, we’ve decided that it makes the most sense to release the first two episodes together as a feature-length movie!  

The format of the show will be a series of feature-length movies in the “made for TV” movie style. This is a business model that has been highly successful in our chosen genre.  The Hallmark Mysteries Channel has several examples of this format including the “Mystery Woman”, “Aurora Teagarden Mysteries”, “Garage Sale Mysteries” “Signed, Sealed, and Delivered” and “Murder She Baked” families of movies.

As always, our goal with the Mount Hideaway project is to create entertainment which:

  • Has a great story with emotionally engaging characters and fun, clever plot twists that would be enjoyable for both adults and teens.
  • Provides entertainment that is clean and family-friendly (without profanity, sexual situations and graphic violence)
  • To give local actors and crew within the local Virginia/DC/MD area opportunities to work on a nationally (and internationally) distributed show in meaningful roles.

We are hoping to release the movie in November/December of 2018 both online and possibly in some local theaters. To get on our mailing list for news, updates, and behind the scenes info, just use the signup for at THIS LINK, or here on our website.

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