A Mystery Movie with a Heart for Homeschoolers

Lots of people are discovering the movie “Mount Hideaway Mysteries: Exes and Oh No’s”. But it’s really trending among homeschool families, especially with moms and daughters. 

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Mikayla Leybovich, the producer, co-writer, and star of the movie is a homeschool grad, as are several of the other cast and crew members.  This feature-length film is now being distributed on Amazon Video and will be coming soon to other venues.

It’s Clean and Family Friendly

This movie is intended to be watched without the concern that you’re going to be confronted with gratuitous profanity, gore, or sexual situations.  While this is a murder mystery and romance story, the romance in the show is presented without any steamy scenes that would make you want to cover your kid’s eyes. And all fight scenes and the references to murders are done in an understated way, similar to the classic TV mysteries from years ago.

An Intelligent Story with Clever Plot Twists

It’s hard to find family friendly movies that also have intelligent plots.  The plot of Mount Hideaway Mysteries includes real estate, small town economics, and spy stuff.  One of the writers of the show has actual experience working in classified situations and facilities and several of the plot points are based on real life in the intelligence community.

Strong, Virtuous Female Lead Characters

While there are some great guys in this movie, this is mostly a story about strong women.  In the media today, women are often portrayed either as victims or bullies. The women of Mount Hideaway Mysteries aren’t perfect, but they are women that moms and daughters can feel good about spending time with.

Reviews from Leading Homeschool Bloggers:

Heather from “Life of A Homeschool Mom” writes…

My family and I recently had the AMAZING opportunity to watch the brand new movie, Mount Hideaway: Exes and Oh No’s. We all LOVED it. It made the perfect family movie night. I am highly encouraging all of my readers to watch the first installment in the Mount Hideaway movie series…

So many movies and TV shows nowadays portray homeschoolers as sheltered or as though it is a subpar educational choice. Not so with Mount Hideaway! Homeschooling is portrayed in a realistic, positive light…  (read the whole article on Heather’s blog)

Anne from “Learning Table” writes…

It was a pleasant change-of-pace to see homeschoolers depicted in a respectful way.  This makes for a positive and relatable portrayal that homeschoolers will love. Not to mention, many of the cast and crew are homeschoolers or homeschool grads, too!

My family loves Mount Hideaway Mysteries! The film incorporates gorgeous scenery with likable characters into an intriguing mystery that keeps you guessing. (read the whole article on Anne’s blog)

The Movie Incorporates Faith Without Being “Preachy”

Many of the characters in the film attend church, and one of the main characters is the local pastor. Most mainstream Hollywood movies go out of their way to ignore or distance themselves from anything connected with genuine faith. This movie portrays a lifestyle where the church is still regarded as an integral part of the community and the lives of people who live there.

A Community-Based Movie, Outside the “Hollywood Machine”

Mount Hideaway Mysteries was created by Virginia filmmakers with a cast and crew from the local Virginia/MD/DC area without the financing or influence of major studios. That has allowed us to tell our story without compromising our standards.

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Please Watch and Share!

The film was funded by the producers, with lots of in-kind support from businesses and individuals in the local community.

Proceeds from the sales and rentals of the movie will be used to create more family-friendly (and homeschool-friendly) movies and shows. If enough people watch, like, and spread the news, there could be many more movies like this one!