Homeschool Film Festival

The production team at Mount Hideaway Mysteries is proud to be one of the founding sponsors of the Homeschool Film Festival!

The Homeschool Film Festival is a celebration of the creativity and ingenuity of the Homeschool / Unschool Community. Their goal is to encourage home-based students and educators across the world.

The festival is accepting SCREENPLAYS and FILMS (short, feature, music video, web series) by homeschool students and homeschool graduates, as well as projects that showcase and encourage home education.

Since this event involves children and youth, all entries must be fully “FAMILY-FRIENDLY” in the opinion of the judges. While we welcome action and adventure, they will not accept entries with graphic violence, profanity, or sexual situations that we deem inappropriate for young viewers.

All entries must certify that any children appearing in films have a legally acceptable release form SIGNED BY THEIR PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN. The festival reserves the right to ask to see those forms for any films that are considered as prize winners.

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