Felicia Flaherty as Rose Wood

Felicia Flaherty began acting and modeling at the age 12, participating in school plays, improv classes, and modeling camp. After graduating high school, Felicia began working professionally in the entertainment industry, primarily as a model. You may have seen her in campaigns for Haircuttery and Bubbles hair salons, in New York Fashion Week, or in your local Spirit Halloween. Be on the lookout for Felicia in an underwater SciFi Mattress Warehouse commercial and in the Mount Hideaway Mysteries!

Aside from acting and modeling professionally, Felicia has a passion for outdoor recreation and travel. When not on set she can be found hiking, kayaking, snowboarding, scuba diving, free diving, or just hanging out in her hammock. Some of her favorite countries she has visited are Guatemala and Slovakia. You can check out her adventures on her Instagram, YouTube channel, or blog!