Meet the Cast

Mount Hideaway Mysteries: Exes and Oh No’s is a community-based movie created in Virginia with a cast and crew from the local Mid-Atlantic area. We are proud of the talent and the beautiful locations that our area has to offer. Meet the members of our amazing cast!

Mikayla Leybovich as Bethany Shanholtz

Mikayla Mulgrew Leybovich is the producer, co-writer and lead actor in the Mount Hideaway series. Mikayla was homeschooled her whole life. She absolutely loved it and she credits homeschooling for helping to prepare her to write and produce her own movie projects. She began acting with the AMTC program and has continued her acting studies… Read More »Mikayla Leybovich as Bethany Shanholtz

Stacey Bradshaw as Amy Bradford

Stacey Bradshaw has been acting for over 15 years. She was homeschooled and then studied acting at Bryan College. After several theater productions in high school and college, she switched to film acting in 2012 and has now played leading and supporting roles in over 35 films, including the lead role in “Touched By Grace”… Read More »Stacey Bradshaw as Amy Bradford

Cheryl Felicia Rhoads as Teresa McNear

Cheryl Felicia Rhoads who portrays Theresa in Mount Hideaway, is also one of the stars of the new film Billy and Blaze premiering in the summer of 2019. Cheryl worked in Hollywood for 21 years and she has starred and co-starred in many Television, Film and Theater projects. She has acted with celebrities such as… Read More »Cheryl Felicia Rhoads as Teresa McNear

Brett Monk as Martin Bradford

Brett Monk, in addition to playing Dr. Martin Bradford (Amy’s dad) is the director, co-writer and general production guy for Mount Hideaway Mysteries. He has been a Radio, TV and Film professional for over 30 years and has lived in Virginia all his life. He and his wife Leigh Anne homeschool their daughter, Sabrina. Since… Read More »Brett Monk as Martin Bradford

Michael J Patterson as Pastor Nehemiah McDaniel

Michael J. Patterson, a native of Washington D.C., is a professional actor with number of film and TV credits that he gives thanks to Christ Jesus for being a part of. Film credits such as Love Different, First Lady, Four Points, Daily Bread Series and Spider-Man Lives: A Miles Morales Story (to name a few)… Read More »Michael J Patterson as Pastor Nehemiah McDaniel

Ciara Curtin as Joy Shanholtz

Ciara Curtin is a North-Virginian native with a love for the Arts. She has been acting since sixth grade and singing for even longer, performing in her school’s musicals, including “Spamalot” and “Chicago,” and participating in church and school choir. The past two years she also took acting classes in monologue study, and began some… Read More »Ciara Curtin as Joy Shanholtz

Saint Brown as Mayor Simon Charteris

Saint Brown, a lifetime DC resident, attended Duke Ellington School of the Arts where he gained a love for entertainment. Saint met Brett on the set of another indie project and was asked to join the cast of Mount Hideaway Mysteries series. Saint is also a recording artist with over a dozen tracks on all… Read More »Saint Brown as Mayor Simon Charteris

Jimmy Bacon as Walter Branneman

Jimmy Bacon is a local actor who joined the cast to play Walter Branneman in Mount Hideaway. He began acting several years ago after being asked to use his voice to narrate training videos for his employer. His success with voice-over has lead him to many on-camera starring roles in national television shows and commercials,… Read More »Jimmy Bacon as Walter Branneman

María José Ovalle as Val Lorenz

María José is a former Public Relations Director turned social influencer and actor. She studied acting in the United Kingdom and creates her own comedic content in Spanish on her YouTube Channel “La Chilena Gringa“. Born in Chile and raised in the U.S., she is bilingual and is raising her 3 children to speak both… Read More »María José Ovalle as Val Lorenz

Elizabeth Kadeli as Angie Darvishi

Elizabeth Kadeli is an actress in Mount Hideaway. She did theater throughout her elementary school years and into her high school years until she started taking acting classes with Cheryl Felicia Rhoads 4 years ago. Since then, she’s appeared in several different shows and web series including “Daily Bread”. She continues to hone her acting… Read More »Elizabeth Kadeli as Angie Darvishi

Trevor Ontiveros as Hector the Hacker

Trevor Ontiveros has been involved with the arts for as long as he can remember. Be it on the stage or screen, Trevor has always found a home as a performer. He recently graduated from Shenandoah University with a BFA in Acting. During his time there he performed in several shows including, “Romeo and Juliet”, “Blue… Read More »Trevor Ontiveros as Hector the Hacker

Debbie Hartner as Pauline Branneman

Debbie Hartner is an multi award winning actress from Virginia. Debbie has been in many television and film projects over the last 7 years. She plays Pauline Brenneman in Mount Hideaway Mysteries. Debbie is cast in a national television series Brotherhood of Silver on cable network releasing in 2019. Debbie’s a member of a repertory… Read More »Debbie Hartner as Pauline Branneman

Felicia Flaherty as Rose Wood

Felicia Flaherty began acting and modeling at the age 12, participating in school plays, improv classes, and modeling camp. After graduating high school, Felicia began working professionally in the entertainment industry, primarily as a model. You may have seen her in campaigns for Haircuttery and Bubbles hair salons, in New York Fashion Week, or in… Read More »Felicia Flaherty as Rose Wood

Alison Dougherty as Allison Branneman

Alison Dougherty is a singer, actor, writer, and director currently getting her degree in Musical Theatre at Shenandoah Conservatory. She has loved being part of the Mount Hideaway family and working on this project! Alison has been performing since she was a young child in musicals and plays, her recent credits include Robin in Lysistrata… Read More »Alison Dougherty as Allison Branneman

Hazel the Hedgehog

Hazel is an African Pygmy Hedgehog best known for her adorable personality and photogenic looks. Hazel is an Instagram star with over 30,000 followers that keep up on her daily adventures. Her Instagram, @heytherehazel, first started gaining traction in the fall of 2017 and since then Hazel has been expanding her career. Hazel’s first T.V.… Read More »Hazel the Hedgehog

Jennifer Ragusano as Barbara

Jennifer Ragusano grew up on the stage.  She started dancing at the age of 2.5 and for ever fell in love with performing.  At an early age she could be seen in various performances including Tom Sawyer and Oliver.  She even choreographed her first musical, Bye Bye Birdie at the age of 15. Jennifer grew… Read More »Jennifer Ragusano as Barbara

James E. Whitley as Dimitri

James E. Whitley III was born in Washington DC. From a very early age James always had a love and appreciation for the arts. James is an International Kung Fu Grand Champion in forms, fighting and weapons and has been honored to teach and demonstrate for thousands and tour internationally. In 2007 James gave his… Read More »James E. Whitley as Dimitri

Suzanne Neff as Tina Shanholtz

Suzanne R. Neff grew up singing and performing from a young age in her native Jacksonville, Florida.  She studied Theater and Communication Studies in college and performed in local theaters while moving around the country with her military family.   Since moving to Northern Virginia, she has acted in short and feature films, national TV… Read More »Suzanne Neff as Tina Shanholtz

Megan Caulfield as Grace Biddle

Megan Caulfield is an American host, actress, producer, and director based in Northern Virginia.  She made her acting debut in the HBO Series “VEEP” and has since been on several nationally-broadcasted television shows.  She has attained lead roles in a wide array of short- and feature-length films. Ms. Caulfield has also worked on multiple high… Read More »Megan Caulfield as Grace Biddle

Tony Matteson as Deputy Travis Mayfield

Tony Matteson is a graduate of Shenandoah Conservatory with his BFA in Acting. He is thrilled to be part of Mount Hideaway as Deputy Travis Mayfield. He recently moved to Atlanta Georgia to pursue his career in Film and Television. Along with Acting, he does a lot of technical theatre including design and carpentry.

Scott Swope as Sven

Scott Swope is an actor in the Baltimore/Washington area and plays the role of “Sven” in the Mount Hideaway Mysteries series.  Scott has been acting regularly for the past five years in numerous television shows, commercials and movie productions. Scott began his acting career after retiring from the Department of Defense. In addition, he served… Read More »Scott Swope as Sven

John Pierce as Karl Corsaut

John is an actor, commercial print model, and voice-over artist. He lives and works in the Mid-Atlantic region and travels from northern New Jersey to Richmond, Virginia, working jobs at all points in between. John is hired frequently for Veteran-related public service announcements, medical and sales training videos, and the gamut of over-55 media advertisements… Read More »John Pierce as Karl Corsaut

John Duvall as The Crazy Prisoner

Mount Hideaway is John’s acting debut.  Once in a while when the moon is blue the right time can approach and find you in the place that you are in.  This is how he came into the role of the nefariously dubious shady criminal. He lives in the town that the story is set in,… Read More »John Duvall as The Crazy Prisoner

Jerry Gideon as Rex McNear

Jerry Gideon Jerry has had a lifelong passion for acting. Born under the Hollywood sign, he began stage acting as a child actor and continued through high school, taking a short respite for the real world stage, Jerry began stage acting again in 2004, and to film in 2014. He loves the energy of performing… Read More »Jerry Gideon as Rex McNear

Jethro the Goldendoodle

Jethro the Goldendoodle plays “Ned the Dog” in Mount Hideaway Mysteries. Jethro lives in Virginia with his family, the Monk’s.

Levi the Bearded Dragon

Levi the Bearded Dragon is one of the animal stars of “Mount Hideaway Mysteries: Exes and Oh No’s” now available on Amazon Video.

Joshua Cody as James “Jamie” Wood

Joshua Cody plays James “Jamie” Wood in Mount Hideaway Mysteries

Mark Arnoldi as Sheriff Foreman

Mark Arnoldi plays Sheriff Foreman in Mount Hideaway Mysteries.

Cheryl Bolt as The Helpful Store Clerk

Deborah Arnold-Franklin as Gloria

Deborah Franklin is an experienced Playwright, Director and Actor who has over twenty years in the theater industry. Her passion for acting started by doing plays in her church which led to performing in other stage productions throughout the DMV including the Lincoln Theater in Washington, DC. After performing in many stage plays her passion… Read More »Deborah Arnold-Franklin as Gloria

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