Mount Hideaway


Mount Hideaway Mysteries: Breaking and Entering Get the audiobook version of the first book in the bestselling faith-based young adult series, performed by actors from the "Mount Hideaway Mysteries" Christian movie series.  Brett Monk and Stacey Bradshaw bring this story to life with a delightful array of character voices and accents. Now available at manyRead More »Audiobooks

Where to Find Mount Hideaway Mysteries Movies and Books

Mount Hideaway Mysteries: Exes and Oh No's (The First Movie) Watch on Amazon Instant Video (Temporarily Unavailable - We'll let you know when it's back) AppleTV Google Play Movies Tubi-TV (FREE WITH COMMERCIALS) Redbox On Demand (FREE WITH COMMERCIALS) Mount Hideaway Mysteries: Exes and Oh No's (The First Movie) Right now, "Mount Hideaway Mysteries: HeartacheRead More »Where to Find Mount Hideaway Mysteries Movies and Books

Family Friendly Mystery Movie

Where can you find a FUN, FAMILY-FRIENDLY MOVIE about HOMESCHOOLERS? ...and it's CREATED BY HOMESCHOOLERS !!! - Are you fed up with movies that claim to be "family-friendly" but contain scenes and language that make you cringe anyway? - Are you annoyed by movies that portray parents as incompetent, and homeschoolers as weird? - AreRead More »Family Friendly Mystery Movie

Mystery Movie Confronts Homeschool Stereotypes

“Mount Hideaway Mysteries: Exes and Oh No's" is a movie project created by homeschool families in Virginia. It started as a filmmaking exercise and grew into a full-length feature movie that’s now being distributed internationally on platforms including Amazon Video, Apple TV, iTunes Movies, and Google Play Movies. The production team had two primary goalsRead More »Mystery Movie Confronts Homeschool Stereotypes

Life on a Branch

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