The Mount Hideaway team has been working hard for several years to create a world of characters and adventures that are full of suspense, action, and entertainment, while also being family-friendly and weaving a message of faith and encouragement in our stories. As you know, the sequel movie is now available on AMAZON VIDEO, TUBI.TV, PUREFLIX, and many other channels worldwide.


In addition to the two Mount Hideaway Mysteries feature films, the story is now also available in BOOK and AUDIOBOOK form. Audiobooks are narrated by Stacey Bradshaw and Brett Monk from the original movie cast. Books are illustrated with full color photos from the movies!!!

“Heartache and Homecoming” is the third and final book in the series. It contains over 200 full-color illustrations from the upcoming movie “Mount Hideaway Mysteries: Heartache and Homecoming”

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